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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (Galaxy Fold 2) : Official Teaser & Name


Samsung’s next foldable device is here; Company teases its next flip phone Galaxy Z Flip. Ye’s Galaxy Z Flip is the official name of Samsung’s new foldable touch smartphone.

A commercial for the device aired during the Oscars Academy Awards show tonight, and it shows the first look of the phone outside of leaked images and videos.

As per the video commercial, the phone has a folding screen, we can also see some in-built applications which seems modified as per the phone’s compatibility.

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Just like Moto RAZE Galaxy Z Flip also have small display and camera on the front which provide information about an incoming call or other notifications.

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2

The phone will be available in two colours, 1 is gradient pink with a shiny look and a second colour option is black.

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