Buzz up! Hold iPhone Battery Health to Above 99% Lifetime.


I know it seems impossible, but I am sharing my experiment and live results here.

I am using iPhone SE for the last 5 years and iPhone XR for the last 3 years and both the phones still have 89% battery life with the original company battery.

So what is the trick?

How to Save iPhone Battery health?

Here is it…

I am following few rules

  1. Never change battery more than 90% – With the recent Apple iOS 14 update, you can use the shortcut feature to notify you while your iPhone comes at 90% while in charging.
  2. Never use your iPhone while in charging – I know now you think if in case of an emergency what to do? Well, there is no issue to use your phone while charging 3-5 times but don’t make a habit of it. This will stop your phone from overheat and also prevent physical damage to your iPhone’s battery due to heat.
  3. Never use a third party or duplicate charger – it’s the most common mistake most of the people do they often charge their iPhone with third-party or duplicate charging cables and adapter which supply unwanted power to your iPhone and which cause the physical damage to your iPhone battery.

This is it, I am a hardcore mobile user and 70% of the time in a day I keep my phone in my hand. Other 30% time I give my iPhone to get charged. 

The above points helped me a lot and also help me to save my iPhone’s battery health. If you think it’s the right approach to save iPhone’s battery life please give me Five and help me by sharing this post in your network.

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