Android 11 Features Wish list – Top 5 expected features of Android 11 in 2020

Survey of top features expected by Android users. Dear Google, we know Kotlin can do all these awesome things.

Google officially launched Android 10 in September 2019 with so many new features like Darkmode for selected devices, Security enhancements, and many more.

We know Android 10 is still tempting for some users as they might receive the update, or few of them are still waiting for the update. But as the New Year starts from today so we can start talking about Android 11.

As we all know, every year, Google released its new Android OS update first in developer preview (beta) in March. Which means we’re just a few months away from getting our first look at Android 11.

Here are five expected features of Android 11 we want to see in 2020

» Dark mode scheduling: In 2019 Dark mode was the most demanding feature by Android users, with just a single click you can enable the dark theme in your phone. But there was no automatic or scheduling option there in Android 10 for dark mode. But just like Apple, People want to see Auto dark mode or dark scheduling mode in Android 11.

» Customizable back gesture: Android 10 debuted the full gestural system, but there was no customization option. Which is an outstanding feature, and people are enjoying it a lot. But the most significant issue which we found with Android 10’s gesture navigation goes back gesture. One can quickly go back by swiping anywhere from the left or right edge of your screen.

But, in Android 11, we’d love for Google to add a way to customize the back gesture. Just like iOS and other Android OS(OxygenOS) system. As we can see, 2020 would be an era of dual-screen smartphones, so this gesture control should be customizable for as per the individual’s choice.

» Built-in screen recorder: Xiaomi is already providing a built-in screen recorder in MIUI. Similarly, the Android 10 beta version had the in-built screen recorder, but in the final version, we haven’t seen anything. Google, don’t tease us like that again and then not deliver the goods. With Android 11, there’s no reason for a screen recorder not to be included.

» Scrolling screenshot feature: Like iOS 13.2, all native Android OS should have a scrolling screenshot feature. This feature is useful to take a full-page screenshot on a webpage or any particular bigger size photo. Xiaomi and Oneplus already implemented this feature in their custom Android OS.

So this is one of the most expected features in Android 11.

» Fix the ‘open by default’ UX: This is a minor change but valuable, After android 10, Android allows to set apps to open some limited links by default. For example: If you click on the Twitter link, so the website or a link will open in the Twitter app itself.

But Previously, this process was slightly different when you click on the Twitter link for the first time would result in a pop-up asking if you wanted to open it in Chrome or Twitter. You could do this Just Once, or if you tapped Always, it would instantly take you to the app you chose along with making that your default option.

But, after updating Android 10, we haven’t seen any option to choose from. So by default, links will open in the app.

Why users want this change because the opening link in the app may not support certain design elements while opening the same link in the browsers provide the best user experience.

What do you want to see?

This is what we are hoping or expecting to see in Android 11, but what about you? What features you want or are you excited, or changes are you most excitedly to (hopefully) see? Please drop a comment down below and let us know!

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