Want to Relax and Unwind? Try Out the Following Android Games


Want to Relax and Unwind Try Out the Following Android Games

For people, daily working at a job has been quite a fussy affair for a long time, and people get bored to their absolute ends logging in their long hours. In this modern world of turmoil and confusion, simple mobile games are a convenient way of refreshing the mind and focusing again on the critical work that is due.

The Android platform offers many forms of games that include adventures, puzzles and actions; from there, you can have your choice and select the one that suits your method of relaxation the best.


Let’s check out some Android games on the list that will perfectly unwind you and help you refresh yourself whenever you are stressed and cannot find the best medium to let it out.

MPL Block Puzzle 

The block puzzle game by MPL is one of the highest rated in the app store and is undoubtedly the best block puzzle experience any player can get. Here you get to play a conventional 9X9 game of block puzzle where the objective is to get the maximum score by making blocks match and disappear within one minute and thirty seconds. 

MPL Block puzzle lets you concentrate on your game even though there is an element of competition in the app. The game’s competitive factor invites many players from around the world who like to enjoy a shorter format of playing block puzzle games. You will find that since you are so focused on getting the maximum score for yourself, you will not get distracted by what other players might be doing on their side of the puzzle. With this natural level of acquired concentration, you will be in a state of drive that will easily relax you and make your gaming a better and smoother experience, helping you defeat your online rivals and getting a sense of contentment through consistent victories.

Alto’s Adventure

This game is one of the most beautifully designed games on the list, and the moment you start it, you will be greeted with splendid music that will delight your ears before you even begin gaming. The game involves the lead character of Alto, played by you, and the objective is an endless skiing experience through snowy mountainous regions. The constant skiing while facing hurdles seems to put the player in a state of flow, so any tension built up in the mind is calmed, and the player can have a good time. As you level up, you can choose other characters with different abilities in the game that will help you complete the many challenges. This factor makes the gameplay exciting and fun in the later stages.

Shadowmatic Game

Talking about puzzle games, Shadowmatic is a very neatly organized puzzle that uses two elements of shadow and light to create puzzles the players have to solve to play the game. The idea behind this game is that the player has to make a picture using both these shades, and then they can win the level and proceed further.

Since the game uses two elements of light and dark, the graphics are incredibly well maintained, and you will be amazed at the level of detail in the animation, which relaxes the players’ eyes. Moreover, the lack of bright colors tends to calm you down and take it easy after a long and stressful day.

Hidden Through Time


This game is based on observation and is a practice of finding out things in images on your phone screen. In the game, you have to discover objects hidden in the pictures by learning hints you can reveal by clicking the many options at the bottom of your screen while playing. You can also investigate more areas in the game world and peek into what is happening inside them.

The best part of the game is that there are microworlds you can explore and dive straight into, making it an exciting and unique addition to the list. It is indeed a definite refresher in the world of mobile gaming.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of those games that is hard to forget once you start playing them. The game functions on the central goal of settlement, where players are thrown into an abandoned old farm that has not been taken care of. The main objective is to rearrange and restore it to a better state.

While restoring your village, you can do the usual chores of an average man: marry, farm, fish, and help nearby villagers with whatever problems they might have. This simulation of a farmer can set you in the right mood at any time of the day, and you can get over 50 hours of steady gameplay from this game without getting bored. The final advice would be not to wait and get it on your Android device immediately.


If we are slowly delving into the most laid-back gaming experiences, Prune is the best game you will ever come across on any Android platform. The game’s primary goal is to plant a seed and wait for it to grow healthy and strong into a plant. 

As the plant’s caretaker, you can choose which way it grows and chop along the growing plant. With over 48 levels filled with soothing background music, it is a pleasant experience to immerse into the game’s world. You can win once the plant has reached the light in the game and has bloomed flowers. It is a feel-good game, and every aspect of the game is crafted to cater to players of any age.

Final Words

Games these days have become a rush of adrenaline and eat at most our time of the day. It is getting increasingly hard to focus on daily tasks these days with the built-up rush in people, and it is deserving that people should relax and take some time off to do something light. These games are a perfect solution to the long hours of hustle and stand out from others by being the best apps to unwind that you can keep on your Android devices.

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