WhatsApp has stopped working on these phones.

Yes, you read the right title. The most popular and most downloaded chatting app WhatsApp has stopped working on a few older Android, iOS, and especially for windows phones (Phones, which runs on Windows OS) from December 21, 2019. So if you are using a Windows phone, then it’s time to switch to Android Phone or iPhone.

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WhatsApp has already announced on their official website’s FAQs page that they are stopping support for Windows phone from December 21, 2019.

WhatsApp stopped for which Android and iOS devices?

They also announced some Android phones which are running on an old version of Android OS and iPhones, which are running on older ios os these devices are even blacklisted from the WhatsApp support.

So not only Windows phones, the most popular Android and iPhones older devices are not supported by WhatsApp from starting February 1, 2020.

WhatsApp announced that Android devices that are running below 4.0.3 that are not supported and iPhones running on below iOS 8 operating systems also not supported by WhatsApp.

So if you want to use WhatsApp on your devices, continuously update your devices with the latest version of the OS or upgrade your devices to use WhatsApp flawlessly.

Why has WhatsApp taken this action?

It is because WhatsApp is continuously upgrading the app by adding new features and increasing security, but older devices are not supporting modern features, and there is a lack of safety; that is the only reason for this action.

What to do if you have an older device or if your phone is running an older OS?

Last but not the list if you have any older devices, our recommendation is to upgrade your device, and if your friends or relatives are using older phones, share this news with them to make them aware of the update.

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